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I tried pretty hard to ruin my life with those shoes. 0

Stop Ruining Your Life

Look, we all have strong opinions about things, right? Too many people get too angry over those opinions, though. Let’s talk about how to avoid this persistent anger, yeah?

The only picture of "posts" I could find. 0


I got myself into a pickle. One where I have to finish a bunch of work, but really want to play video games and hang out with my family. This is my story…

The face of a stinking liar. 2

I Lied To Someone

Have you ever, straight-faced, lied to someone? I have, and I’m not proud of it.

This is how I picture 90% of raising boys. 1

Oh Boy

I was nervous about finding we’re having a boy, but I realized that I had just grown comfortable with what I knew and I should probably embrace spontaneity.

Flight Facilities - Down To Earth

Flight Facilities – Down To Earth

Flight Facilities dropped a new album last year that basically blew my mind. Its funky, weird, awesome, but most of all…accessible and memorable. Listen to it.